Open Positions!

We are looking for highly self-motivated PhD, MS, and undergraduate students joining us, doing research on parallel and heterogeneous computing, electronic design automation, and machine learning computing algorithms. Please email Prof Huang your resume and research interest (see our Research and Why Join Our Team?).


Tsung-Wei Huang

Assistant Professor, Department of ECE
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 84112
Office: 2124 Merrill Engineering Building (MEB)

Short bio: Dr. Huang is an assistant professor in the ECE Department at the University of Utah. His research makes parallel and heterogeneous computing easier to handle in a multidisciplinary area of electronic design automation, scientific computing, and machine learning. He has created several award-winning open-source software, such as Taskflow and OpenTimer, that is being used by many industrial and academic research projects.

PhD Students

Dian-Lun Lin (Luan)

Spring 2020–present

Research: GPU programming systems, simulation, and machine learning

Cheng-Hsiang Chiu

Fall 2020–present

Research: Parallel programming systems

Yasin Zamani

Fall 2020–present

Research: GPU programming, static timing anlaysis

Guannan Guo

Fall 2017–present (at UIUC)

Research: Parallel computing, physical design, timing analysis

This could be you !

Please email Prof Huang your resume and research interest.

Undergraduate Students

Luke Majors

Summer 2021

Research: Graph algorithms

McKay Mower

Summer 2021

Research: Graph algorithms

This could be you !

Please email Prof Huang your resume and research interest.

Why Join Our Team?

The code of conduct in our group is to respect and support each other. Hierarchy does exist but only for project management. We solve real-world problems that matter to the society. You will find plenty of research opportunities for a BS/MS/PhD thesis. Specifically, in our group you will learn to:

  • Apply EE/CS knowledge to solve scientific computing problems
  • Create impactful research projects and software systems
  • Become a good programmer and an independent researcher

We collaborate with many people from industry, academia, and government agencies. You can work with people around the world to explore different research ideas. After you leave our group, you will be ready for many job opportunities in both software and hardware companies!