Prospective Group Members

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tsung-Wei Huang < >

Join Our Group

We are looking for self-motivated people who are interested in building software systems for parallel and distributed computing, electronic design automation, and machine learning.

What do we do?

The best way to understand our research is to visit our project pages:


Modern C++ Parallel Task Programming

GitHub Paper

Parallel CPU-GPU Programming using Task Models


High-performance Timing Analysis Tool for VLSI Systems

GitHub Paper


Distributed Programming System using Data-parallel Streams

GitHub Paper

Why join us?

The code of conduct in our group is to respect and support each other. Hierarchy does exist but only for project management. We solve real-world problems that matter to the society. When you start with real problems, you will find plenty of research challenges worth a PhD thesis. Specifically, in our group you will learn:

We collaborate with many people from industry, academia, and government agencies. You can work with people around the world to explore different research ideas.

We have published our technical materials in top-tier conferences and journals. You will have access to leading researchers in the field of parallel programming, distributed systems, electronic design automation, multimedia, etc.

After you leave our group, you will be ready for many job opportunities in both software and hardware companies!

Open PhD Positions

I currently have PhD positions available in Fall 2020. You should expect full financial support (tuition + stipend) during your PhD studies, whether it is RA, TA, or department fellowship. At least one summer will be spent on internships to gain valuable work experience, make connections, and discover new research topics.

In deciding whether you are qualified for our group, ask yourself the following questions:

Think carefully about whether you are committed to PhD studies. There is a lot to learn in your PhD journey to be the best at what you do. Most of our research projects are software intensive and require large coding effort. It's not just about publishing good research papers but also producing high-quality software in an academic environment.

If you have gotten this far, the next step is to email me with your cv/resume describing your background and research interests. We will set up a skype/zoom interview if I deem necessary. Application details can be found at the graduation admission page.

Open Postdoc Positions

I am hunting for one postdoc to work on our project of parallel and distributed computing software to explore machine learning, heterogeneous computing, and EDA applications. Compared with PhD students, I do expect higher responsibility from a postdoc. Before you email me, be prepared to answer the following questions:

The position allows you to build real systems that have impact on the computer science and engineering community. Please email me with your cv/resume describing your background and interests.

Other Senior Personnel

I do not accept other positions into my group unless they are directly recommended to me by people I know.